40 pieces puzzle. It’s a 2mm thick laminated paper board.

Two different illsutartions are available to confirm both little girls and boys.

Glass dance

The village is having a feast. Today, everyone will wear their best outfit and come together to dance. Juliska, Marika and Erzsike are childhood friends who love to dance. Their favourite is the “glass dance”, which is very difficult and requires a lot of practice. With the smallest slip the glass will slide down and certainly shatter. But today not even this cheeky little birdy can disturb them, and the whole village is amazed by their lovely dance.


Ferkó is a wrangler at Hortobágy. He learned his trade from his father. He likes to work with horses, and he’s very proud of his traditional hand made whip which he handels with skill. He can ride his horse standing on his back, has trained him to sit and lie down, and never forgets to reward him. Today they are riding to his friend called János, who is a sheperd, and is responsible for a flock of Racka sheep in the pasture nearby.