About me

Hello everyone.

I’m Piroska Markovics-Várnagy, the birth mother of the Piros products.




Beside Piros, I have two children, two little baggers, Milán and Blanka. They of course had the most important role in the long period of designing and producing, they were responsible for quality check and testing.

The short story of Piros:

In the last couple of years, I was looking for such Hungarian toys, which on one hand bring close to our kids Hungary’s beautiful folklore and very rich traditions, but on the other hand also suitable for a foreign kid to understand and get familiar with these values. Because I didn’t find such toys on the market, I had started thinking and planning of doing it myself, and all of a sudden I was in the middle of it.

When designing the toys the most important point of view was to provide demanding and valuable play time activities, as I only buy such toys myself. Because of this, Piros toys are classical skill developing toys, such as memo game, picture dominoes, puzzles, board games, and creative “cut-glue-colour” kits.

Beside the above ones, I find it very important that our children are surrounded with nice and aesthetic toys, which at the same time reflect the innocence of childhood and conform today’s taste. So I strived to make the illustrations delightful, colourful, lovable and of course Hungarian.

I hope I succeeded, please accept it with love:

A little Hungary for little ones.